Adrians Stonebusiness
Adrian lives in the area of Jelenia Gora (Deermountain/Poland). The area is mountainous and there are, without considering the nice people, the roe deers, and the tasty Brok beer, several stone - mines. Five years ago, Adrian realise his business concept. In the moment his firm produces more than 100 tons of granite-stones in different sizes in month. It depends of the whishes/demands of his customers. With his clientele in Poland he worked fine. But he is thinking about enlarging his contacts in Europe.

photos, measuerements of the offerd stones

Here you see the gigantic stone blocks, puting out of the mine. They would loadet on trucks and sold to the nearest firms.
If you need your stones a little smaler as you see on the left picture, contact Adrian
Adrian Perun

phone: 0048609127933
address: 59-420 Bolkow
Wolbromek 40

Granite-stone big
8 - 11 cm
Granite-stone little
4 - 6 cm
Big pac 1,1 - 1,3 to
65 Euro per tonne
75 Euro per tonne
5 Euro per big pac as packing
Cash if you take it here, no shipping, we speak english, polish and german language